September Gerety

I would love to hear about your needs, and to support you in creating the best possible experiences for your staff, children, and families. Please contact me and we can set up a time to talk! Or keep reading to learn more about me and my qualifications.

There's something that I dread, and it happens almost every week - on  a plane, or a shuttle, or in the lobby of a hotel. It's when a stranger asks me, "What do you do?"

The most true answer is, "I collaborate with amazing people to change the world by making life better for young children and the adults who care for them."

But this true answer is not a very satisfying response when what the stranger meant is, "How do you spend your time?"

It's hard to provide a complete picture of my work without making people's eyes glaze over. Sometimes I say, "I collaborate with early childhood professionals at all levels (from program staff to state and federal systems) to implement research-based teaching, coaching, and professional development practices and to prevent challenging behavior in adults and children."

That's all true, too, but it doesn't convey the passion I feel for this work.

It leaves out the moments when seasoned professionals tell me that I've completely changed the way they think and how they operate. The moments when teachers tell me that their children are using skills that they never imagined three-year-olds were capable of. I'm so grateful that I get to play a part in these transformations. 

Some other things you might want to know about me:

I have a BA in Elementary Education and Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. You can find my complete resume here.

I'm known for being straightforward, for "telling it like it is" - I am very aware of the broad reality of our field and what the day-to-day is really like in early childhood programs all over the country. I work with that understanding to help people find what is possible through creativity, prioritization, and effort.

Over the last 20 years, I have been a teacher, administrator, parent educator, and coach.  I'm also a mom of one teenager and one young adult, and stepmom of two more teens.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, I worked for the University of Washington as the Practice-Based Coaching Coordinator at the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning.   

I am a fan of yoga, a former and future runner, a voracious reader, and have a quirky sense of humor.

Some examples of professional development experiences I facilitated in 2016:

Leadership Academy for programs implementing Practice-Based Coaching

PBC Coach Training and PBC Coach Training of Trainers

Training for Practice-Based Coaching Group Facilitators

Systems to Support Staff Wellness

Finding Connections: TPOT, CLASS, and the New Head Start Performance Standards

Improving Communication and Reducing Conflict on the Leadership Team

Program-wide Launch of the Pyramid Model

Pyramid Model Practices Training (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3) - offered as full day workshops and also using train-coach-train

Pyramid Model Practices Training of Trainers

Parents Interacting with Infants and Parents Interacting with Infants Training of Trainers

Authentic Family Engagement

Coaching: What Does the Research Tell Us?

In addition to workshops like the ones listed above, I conduct TPOT and TPITOS assessments, coach teachers (in person and at a distance) using the Practice-Based Coaching model, and facilitate monthly Communities of Practice for coaches.

I'm happy to tailor my work to meet your needs, your context, and your people.  

In 2016, I had the great privilege to work with the following organizations and agencies:

Pyramid Model Consortium

Rochester Childfirst Network

Head Start Region I


New York State Pyramid Model Partnership Master Cadre

Head Start Region XI

Rocky Mountain Human Services

Head Start Region II

Maryland State Department of Education

Montana Preschool Development Grant

Montana STARS

Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc.

Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County

Vermont Northern Lights Career Development Center

University of Vermont

IRIS Education

National Center on Early Child Development, Teaching  and Learning

National Implementation Research Network

Early Childhood Council of Larimer County

Child Development Council of Franklin County Head Start

Head Start Region IX