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Practice-Based Coaching for Teachers

Practice-Based Coaching for teachers provides coaching with fidelity to the Practice-Based Coaching model using a distance format. Using a two-week cycle, September supports each teacher in writing action plans, observes implementation of practices via video, and engages the teacher in reflection and feedback following each observation.

If any of the following apply to you, this might be your perfect PBC solution:

  • You want to implement Practice-Based Coaching but aren’t ready to hire an internal coach.

  • You are ready to hire a coach but can’t find anyone who is qualified.

  • You have a staff of just one or a few teachers.

  • You want your staff to receive coaching from a nationally recognized expert.

Practice-Based Coaching for Coaches

Do you wonder if you are doing PBC “right?” Feel frustrated when it comes to working with challenging teachers? Struggling to see changes in classrooms as a result of coaching? Or maybe you are just stuck - your program has committed to PBC and you’ve attended PBC Coach training, but you’re not sure how to get started, so it never seems to happen.

Coaches need professional development, too! Working with September allows coaches to experience a parallel process - they are coached using the same coaching model that they use with practitioners. September supports each coach in writing action plans, observes coaching meetings via video, and engages the coach in reflection and feedback following each observation.

You always help me feel so much more prepared and I learn so much in that one hour with you!! Thank you so much for everything you do!! I want to be like you when I grow up, lol!!
— Rachel P.

Coaching Community of Practice

The Coaching Community of Practice is an opportunity for coaches to come together on a regular basis for ongoing professional development and support. This is a place to share celebrations and struggles, and to get input and insight from other coaches. September's role as your facilitator is to foster conversation, answer questions about Practice-Based Coaching, and gently guide the whole group to keep fidelity to the PBC model. Each community of practice is limited to 12 coaches and meets monthly.

I keep bragging to our team about how lucky I am to have you as my coach!! I feel so much more confident about rolling this out.
— Alyson R.

PBC Coach Training - In Person

This highly interactive two-day training is designed to teach coaches the skills they need to begin implementing Practice-Based Coaching. Coaches will learn to build collaborative partnerships with their coachees (including teachers who are resistant to coaching.) They will also learn how to develop shared goals and action plans, conduct focused observations, and lead effective reflection and feedback meetings. Participants receive all necessary forms and reference materials for implementing PBC

This training is available for groups ranging in size from 2-40. September can come to your site or connect you with other agencies that are hosting this training.

The presenter was very thorough and her passion for the PBC process was illuminated through her delivery of the principles of Practice-Based Coaching. We had great interactions, role playing and networking opportunities.
— Anonymous Evaluation Form

PBC Coach Training - Online

This online version

Systems Planning for Successful, Sustainable Coaching

A mix of information and application

Coaching on the ePyramid Modules

The ePyramid Modules consist of online training in all content related to the Pyramid Model. This makes Pyramid Model training easy, accessible, and affordable. September is the trainer featured in the Preschool Modules and the Birth-5 Modules, which were created by the Pyramid Model Consortium.

Pyramid Model Consortium also offers the option to receive 9 distance coaching sessions to support application and implementation of the ePyramid practices. This approach balances the ease and flexibility of the online modules with the personal touch and accountability of in-person training.

Access to the ePyramid Modules is available for $49 from the Pyramid Module Consortium. For $329 you will receive the training package of your choice with connected cohort coaching. 

If you would like to sign at least 10 staff members up for ePyramid coaching and want to ensure that September is the coach for your cohort, you can also do that by clicking the button below.

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