2018 MPDG Summer Institute Resources

Preventing Challenging Behavior in the Kindergarten Classroom

Making Deposits Printable

The CSEFEL website has tons of great resources, but it is not being kept up-to-date. For newer resources, check out the National Center on Pyramid Model Innovations and the Pyramid Model Consortium.


Deposits vs. Withdrawals

Click here to see the video we discussed about forest kindergartens in Denmark.

Forest Kindergarten

Click here to see the video we discussed about the circular kindergarten in Japan

Open Architecture in Kindergarten

Classroom Coverage is our Biggest Problem

This action guide by Marcy Whitebook is old but amazing! It is meant to be used by administrators and teachers together. (Click the link and then click to download the full PDF.) Please download and use it!

Taking on Turnover

Powerpoint Handout

Job Attitude Survey

 Here are the research articles I used in preparing for this workshop.


Leading With Vision


Here is a link to the book Protocols for Professional Learning by Lois Brown Easton . You can find the Consultancy Protocol we used on page 51.

Benchmarks of Quality

At this link you will find resources for program-wide Pyramid Model implementation. The most important document here is the Benchmarks of Quality, designed to be used by leadership teams to plan for and evaluate implementation.

Managing Complex Change

Here is a link to the crosswalk between the Pyramid Model and Positive Behavior Intervention and Support.


Difficult Conversations

Powerpoint Handout

As I said during the presentation, this is one of the greatest books in the history of books (and I literally read around 200 books a year, so I know a little something about books!)

How to Talk...