Wholehearted Recommendations

Products and services that I love and that I think you may find useful.

What I'm Reading Now

This week's Sunday Spark is about memorizing poetry as one way to combat smartphone addiction. Here's the book of poems I got to support our effort.

Poems to Learn by Heart
By Caroline Kennedy

All-Time Favorites 

If you haven't read these already, you should!

Pyramid Model Resources

Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool for Preschool Classrooms (TPOT™) Manual
By Mary Louise Hemmeter Ph.D., Lise Fox Ph.D., Patricia Snyder Ph.D.
Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT™) for Preschool Classrooms, Research Edition
By Lise Fox Ph.D., Mary Louise Hemmeter Ph.D., Patricia Snyder Ph.D.

Resources to Make Travel More Enjoyable

 These are like magic, and this is the color and brand I have. This links to a mixed size set, but I just use a set of small cubes - a week's worth of work outfits will pack into one small cube, if you know how to use them.

This lovely yoga mat goes with me on every trip. It lets me do yoga every morning in my hotel room, and I've even used it at several airports when I had long delays and could find a quiet corner. Super lightweight, nice surface, and folds small enough to fit easily in my backpack, even with my laptop, sweatshirt, and neck pillow.

These are the noise-canceling headphones I have, and I loooove them. Not only do they make being on an airplane a totally different experience, they are super cute. However, this white/turquoise style is discontinued, so I'm also including a link to the newer version. These are super spendy - not worth it if you don't fly regularly, but a game changer if you do.

Family Book Club Books

I started a family book club to get my husband and teenagers to read more. So far, it's worked. Here are the books we've read, picked specifically because I thought everyone in the family would enjoy them. So far, everyone has. Not for little kids!

Dark Matter: A Novel
By Blake Crouch

Past Book Recommendations

Please note that this page uses affiliate links, but there is nothing here that I don't use myself and recommend wholeheartedly.